VaLinda Kyrias – Of Counsel

Art Center College of Design
B.F.A. in Graphic and Package Design

Empire College School of Law
Juris Doctorate

After graduating from high school, VaLinda’s first goal was to see the world. At age 20 she did just that when she spent every dime she had ($4,000) and traveled around the world visiting (13) third world countries in four months. Upon her return, she became the first in her family to graduate from college when she earned her B.F.A in Graphic and Package Design from the prestigious Art Center College of Design.

Years later in 2000, VaLinda began employment with the CSU as a member of the staff. It was within this CSU system that she, for the first time in her employment history, found it necessary to join the Union, become a Union Steward, and eventually become Chief Steward. They called her the “Rogue Steward” because she fought every grievance to the highest level. This is also when she discovered the power of the law and decided to go to law school in her late 40’s while continuing to work full time.

VaLinda’s personal experience as a public employee within the CSU system has had a significant influence on her law practice today. She offers a self-help clinic for any employee wanting to resolve their employment conflict themselves. VaLinda knows, first hand, what it feels like when your employment becomes hostile and how to fight your way to a better life. A passionate advocate for the working class, VaLinda make all of her cases personal.