Dustin Collier was born to be a trial lawyer. His public speaking experience began in high school, where he was active in the drama and competitive speech (a.k.a. “Forensics”) programs and performed in several plays and musicals. In college, he emphasized his studies on communications and persuasion, taking courses in public speaking, debate theory, argumentation, and the psychology of motivation. He competed with the Arkansas State University debate team at competitions throughout the South.

In law school, Mr. Collier participated in multiple moot court programs and took advanced coursework in Trial Advocacy with an emphasis on the use of evidence at trial. During the PACE National Environmental Law Moot Court competition, he received a “Best Oralist” award in the quarter finals and readily advanced his team to the semi-finals in White Plains, New York.

Since becoming an attorney, Mr. Collier has taken his public speaking expertise and applied it to the art of trial practice. In December of 2010, he was recruited and trained to be a faculty member for the world-renowned National Institute for Trial Advocacy (NITA – www.nita.org). Since that time, he has served as a faculty member and team leader at dozens of NITA deposition and trial skills courses across the West Coast, including programs San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Berkeley, and Seattle.

Beginning in 2012, Mr. Collier has also served as a faculty member for the University of San Francisco Intensive Advocacy Program, a NITA-based trial skills course that seeks to train law students who aspire to become practicing trial lawyers.

In 2015, Mr. Collier served as a faculty member for the second annual “Trial College” hosted by the California Employment Lawyers’ Association (CELA – www.cela.org). CELA is an organization of thousands of employment lawyers who represent workers in disputes with their employers throughout the State of California. After watching him teach for one day, Mr. Collier was invited to lecture the entire Trial College on the art of persuasion.

Also in 2015, Mr. Collier developed his own trial skills program aptly-named “Collier College.” Through the program, Mr. Collier provides in-house as well as custom trial skills trainings to lawyers who have never tried cases or who simply want to sharpen and improve their trial skills.

Mr. Collier’s passion for and knowledge of trial technique makes him the perfect choice for other attorneys in need of assistance with trial strategy, preparation, and execution. The Collier Law Firm now offers the following services to other attorneys in need of such assistance:

  • Contract Trial Counsel Services: Is trial is on the horizon? Did you pin your hopes on a mediated settlement, only to have the carrier balk at your reasonable settlement demands and force you to take the case the distance? Do you have public speaking anxiety (the most common form of anxiety), such that the idea of standing in front of a group of 12 strangers putting on an effective presentation terrifies you? Does the sheer weight of your client’s life being in your hands, not as a litigator but as a performer, make your stomach churn? The Collier Law Firm can help you. Since 2011, we have served as contract trial counsel for other attorneys in need, often on short notice and under emergency situations. We will help you put on the strongest trial possible for your client, including serving as lead counsel at trial if you prefer to avoid the limelight.
  • Trial Consulting and Training Services: Do you know how to lay the foundation for that critical piece of evidence you uncovered in discovery? Do you know how to structure and execute a concise and devastating cross-examination? Do you know how to dissect the complex legal concepts that underpin your case and reconstruct it for easy digestion by a jury pool derived from a “sound bite” culture? Do you know how to evoke and channel a jury’s outrage and empathy to maximize your damages award? Whether you need an in-house trial skills program, customized training on particular techniques, or assistance preparing and strategizing about the trial presentation in a particular case, we can structure a package to fit your needs.
  • Pre-Trial Consulting and Contract Services: Do you have a critical deposition on the horizon? Are you unsure what your case theme should be? Are you unclear on how your discovery plan will translate into an effective trial strategy and presentation? We are here to help, assisting you in planning and/or executing the critical discovery plans that will help you put your best foot forward when you get to trial. We offer pre-trial services on an hourly, flat-fee basis, or contingent-fee basis, depending on your needs and the particular requirements of the project.

If you need these or any other trial consulting services, please contact us today for your free consultation. We will attempt to work with you to structure a package that fits your particular needs and budget.