We all have the right to be free from harm at the hands of others. Nevertheless, in our complex society, accidents do happen. Do not sell yourself short by taking early offers of settlement without consulting with an attorney. Our clients get injured in a number of different ways, but often they are entitled to compensation from one or more persons or entities. Once again, the following is a list of common personal injury issues handled by our firm.

  • Car Accidents
  • Slip-And-Fall Injuries
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Product Defect / Failure to Warn of Dangerous Product Conditions
  • Negligence of Another

*NOTE:  The Collier Law Firm provides contingent-fee representation in most personal injury and employment law matters, although some rare cases will only be eligible for hourly or flat-rate services and we reserve the right to offer our services on any of these (or a hybrid combination of them).  Unlike personal injury and employment law, landlord-tenant issues often do not lead to the recovery of attorneys’ fees or substantial monetary damages.  Thus, the Collier Law Firm only handles such matters on a contingent-fee basis occasionally and an hourly or flat-rate arrangement is much more likely.  Note also that this website is an advertisement for legal services.  By reviewing its content and/or inquiring with us regarding your case, no attorney-client relationship is created.  Unless and until a written representation agreement is offered by us and executed by you, no such relationship will be formed and no action will be taken to protect your rights.