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“Both Dustin and Josh were incredible to work with. I can’t say enough about this firm, this team! Dustin is extremely knowledgeable and generous with sharing all that he knows to really help inform/educate his clients through what can be a complex, challenging process. He is also very kind and compassionate so you immediately feel at ease working with him. Josh is reliable and there when you need him. They’re both very responsive which I feel is imperative for success. This firm has such a high level of professionalism I would recommend them to anyone who seeks this sort of assistance.”

— K.R.

“The attorneys at Collier Socks LLP are nothing short of the best! They made my case very easy for me, they did all the work and treated me like family from the beginning before they even accepted my case. I was wrongfully terminated from a job that I moved from NYC to San Francisco to accept and I was in an unfamiliar city with no job just me and my wife. I reached out to the Collier Socks LLP and they handled everything for me it didn’t cost me a penny, and it didn’t take long for them to call me with the good news that my case had be settled in my favor. Hiring Josh and Dustin was the absolute best decision I could have made for that case and hopefully never again but if I ever find myself in a similar situation even though I’m back in NYC now I would definitely call them again 100% five stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”

— (This client requested to remain anonymous)

“I’m a 20+ year silicon valley tech executive. Dustin & Joshua (Collier Socks LLP) represented me in multiple complex litigation matters from 2015 through their successful culmination in 2017. These cases covered the gamut – from shareholder disputes in a Delaware Corporation, to Contract disputes, to Defamation. Dustin & Joshua secured successful outcomes for me in each and every case; outcomes that beat my most optimistic expectations. That aside, Dustin & Joshua are exceptional attorney’s. They not only offer you the best and most sincere and practical advise at every juncture, but when in depositions and in front of the judge, they do a spectacular job of representing you and bringing out the wrong doing and harm caused by the other party.”

— V.M.

“Me and my husband were on a low limb before we met Dustin.  We were exhausted by years of different incompetent lawyers, and a decade of court.  We had mortgaged our assets to the hilt.  All we had left was our belief in ourselves.  We were hesitant to believe any more lawyers.  Then we found Dustin, who is good for to his word.  When he says he will represent you he means he will put your interests first, above his.  If he tells you an uncomfortable truth it is because you need to hear it.  He has the right degrees.  He has a psychological understanding of court.  He is one of the most articulate trial attorneys I have ever met.  He likes his job.   He does not put up with guff from opposing counsel, but he can be friendly with them when it to your benefit.  He is not a wimp.  So, if you want an ethical attorney, who can roll around in the dust with the best of them, get Dustin!!  We walked out of his door a lot better than when we walked in.”
— Ginny G.

“Dustin is a very personable and professional attorney who keeps the big picture in mind every step of the way.  He goes the extra mile to defend his client in the process of obtaining justice.”

— Florence

“Dustin is thorough in his dealing, knows the law, and works tirelessly on your behalf. He explains things in simple terms and is super responsive. If you want an attorney on your side, look no farther.”

— (This client requested to remain anonymous)