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Wrongful Death: An Overview

When a loved one passes away, it leaves family members feeling frustrated. While no amount of money can bring someone back, demanding justice is the best course of action.

At Collier Socks LLP, our attorneys have worked with clients throughout the Bay Area. We can examine your case and hold the negligent party accountable.

We Help Grieving Families Achieve Justice

While it can happen anywhere, most of the wrongful death cases are the result of car accidents. This includes truck accidents and accidents caused by distracted drivers or drunk drivers. As your lawyers, we will investigate the situation and involve experts when they are needed. We treat our clients with compassion, yet we fiercely advocate for justice.

To win your wrongful death lawsuit, we must show that another person’s actions caused your loved one’s death. This means gathering evidence and conducted a thorough analysis of the crash.

Compensation depends on the specifics of a case. Monetarily, it can include medical bills, funeral expenses and the income you depended on from the deceased. The court evaluates all of this information and decides whether or not the defendants can be held responsible. Our job is to build the strongest possible case in your family member’s honor.

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