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We are located in Corte Madera, California, and we proudly serve clients throughout the Bay Area.

In our personal injury practice, we advocate for injury victims. This includes: motor vehicle accidents of all types; pedestrian accidents; brain injury cases; premises liability and wrongful death.

Our attorneys also are well-known for representation of employees in employment law matters. Our employment practice includes: employment discrimination; sexual harassment; wage and hour violations; whistleblower and retaliation; and wrongful termination.

The common thread in our personal injury and employment practices is standing up for individuals who have been wronged.

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Personal Attention And The Utmost Care

At Collier Socks LLP, we are serious business people, but we became lawyers to help people achieve justice. That is what motivates us and gives us satisfaction in our work.

When you hire an attorney, you deserve their full attention. At Collier Socks LLP, our clients are people, not case numbers. To provide clients with our best-possible service and the best-possible work, we are selective about the number of cases we accept.

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If you have an employment law or personal injury matter, we want to hear from you. To connect with us, call our office in Corte Madera at 628-600-7204 or contact us through our website.