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Wrongful Termination: What You Need To Know

Losing your job is never easy. When there are issues in the way it was handled, it can make things incredibly complex.

Collier Socks LLP, has worked with clients throughout the Bay Area. Our experienced team has handled the most complicated cases. When you need answers, look no further. We can guide you in the right direction.

Types Of Wrongful Termination

Wrongful termination occurs when a person is fired for an illegal reason. While these cases come in all shapes and sizes, we frequently see people whose dismissals were discriminatory. We also deal with clients who were retaliated against after a whistleblower claim.

Regardless of the situation, our compassionate yet aggressive team is here to advocate for you every step of the way. Our job is to prove that your employer fired you illegally. This is done by gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, analyzing the facts and applying the law.

If you believe you were fired illegally, the best way to help yourself is to keep any and all documentation you have of your dismissal. This information can help our lawyers build the strongest possible case on your behalf.

Possible Outcomes

At Collier Socks LLP, our goal is to fight for the best possible result. For some of our clients, this might mean returning back to work. For others, it could mean reaching a settlement. Whatever your situation, our lawyers will discuss your legal options with you. We empathize with those who are dealing with wrongful termination and we will do everything we can to make achieve justice on your behalf.

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