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What Are Your Rights As A Whistleblower?

When illegal or unethical activity is happening in the workplace, it is difficult for honest employees to look the other way. For employees who want to report wrongdoing, the process leave them feeling vulnerable.

When you feel you must blow the whistle on improper actions, it is crucial to have an attorney who will protect your rights. Collier Socks LLP, has worked with whistleblowers throughout the Bay Area who find themselves in difficult situations.

What You Should Know About Retaliation

When employees report illegal or unethical behavior, they are known as whistleblowers. The law protects whistleblowers because they play an important role in society. When an organization punishes a whistleblower who has acted in good faith, it is called retaliation. Retaliation is illegal.

This means that even if your report does not end up being true, you cannot get in trouble if you genuinely thought you were doing the right thing.

There are state and federal laws put in place that protect whistleblowers. If you believe your organization is holding your honest actions against you, it is imperative that you speak to our team as soon as possible. Your employer can be held accountable for these actions, on top of any crimes they are already committing.

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