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The 2 major danger zones for motorists

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Automobile manufacturers are always at work on safety features that keep drivers and their passengers safer. Those advancements have improved automobile safety, but they’ve only made a dent in the number of motor vehicle accidents that still happen each year. Your best safeguard against roadway danger is still defense driving.

If you’re curious where car accidents are most likely to occur, you may find it surprising to learn there are two major danger zones: Intersections and right inside your own neighborhood

Distracted and aggressive drivers make intersections dangerous

There’s no technology available that forces drivers to pay attention to the road and obey traffic signals — and many of them don’t. T-bone and rear-end crashes often happen because motorists fail to stop at traffic lights when they should.

Often, that’s because they simply aren’t being attentive to the changing signals. In other cases, drivers will sail through a light that’s turning red on purpose — risking their safety and the safety of others because they don’t want to wait. Pedestrians and motorcyclists, too, fall prey to accidents when errant drivers fail to check their mirrors and look before they turn a corner.

Familiarity makes your own neighborhood a risky area for driving

Studies show that most car accidents occur no more than 25 miles from motorists’ homes. Traffic safety analysts suspect that this has to do with motorists feeling most comfortable in familiar surroundings. They may relax their guard and let their attention wander — especially if they’re looking forward to getting home after a long trip or rough day.

In residential areas, children may be particularly prone to auto-pedestrian accidents. After all, children are most apt to be playing in their driveways or the road with minimal parental supervision when they’re right outside their own homes. 

If you’re involved in a wreck, take steps to protect your interests

Accidents that occur in intersections or when motorists are distracted are often catastrophic. Medical bills can quickly mount up. Find out what it takes to get fair compensation for your injuries and losses if you’ve been hurt by a negligent driver