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Reducing injury. Should you brace or relax in a vehicle crash?

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

It is safe to say that most Bay Area, California motorists share a common goal of avoiding motor vehicle accidents. These people strive to remain alert to signs of danger and get out of the way of an impending crash whenever possible.

As you know, however, sometimes avoiding car and truck accidents is impossible. When an accident is imminent, the next goal motorists share is to avoid or minimize potential accident-related injuries.

What should you do with your body when a crash is happening?

People have many opinions about body posture and proper physical reactions during a motor vehicle accident. Some believe you should relax your body and go with the flow of the crash, while others believe bracing for collision is the proper response.

According to research, bracing for a motor vehicle accident (when possible) is the best way to avoid severe injuries, particularly in rear crash scenarios. Bracing for impact protects the nerves, ligaments and discs in the cervical spine and neck.

Some bracing tips to remember when you are about to be struck from behind include the following.

  • Press your head back against the headrest of your vehicle to protect it and your neck
  • Never lean forward or turn your head during impact
  • Tense up your entire body during the seconds before the crash occurs
  • Press your foot firmly on the brake pedal while pushing your spine against your seat

If you can reduce the severity of your motor vehicle accident injuries, your long-term recovery outlook can improve dramatically. Typically, this means fewer medical care costs and other expenses related to your crash.

If you suffer severe accident injuries despite your diligence, it may be time to discover the financial compensation options at your disposal.