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Pets: Distractions that could cause crashes

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

People love their pets, and they should. They bring joy to their lives and are fantastic companions.

At the same time, they can create a hazard if they aren’t buckled in. Pets that have free range in a vehicle or who are held in their owners’ laps could end up causing a crash or being badly hurt in a collision.

Unrestrained pets put everyone at risk

When pets are unrestrained in a vehicle, they make driving more dangerous. The driver may become distracted trying to keep the pet out of their lap or in the back seat rather than paying attention to the road as they should.

Even something as simple as petting a dog or cat in the passenger seat could be distracting enough that a driver causes a crash. For that reason, it’s important to restrain your pets in your vehicle. Use a carrier, cage or seat belt attachment to keep your pet safely secured in the back seat where they can’t distract you.

Restraining your pet is better for everyone

Restraining your dog, cat or other pet is better for everyone, them included. If you happen to get into a crash when your pet is in your lap, for example, they could be killed by the airbag and you could suffer serious injuries, too.

If they are unrestrained in the front seat, your pet could be thrown from the vehicle or be badly hurt by hitting the windshield or dashboard.

If your pet isn’t restrained and is in the back seat, they may be better compartmentalized, but they still have a risk of serious injuries from the impact because of having nothing to hold them back.

No one wants to see a car crash happen because a pet is being distracted. No one wants to see a pet get hurt in a crash when a simple restraint could have helped prevent their injuries.

The best thing you can do for your pet is to make sure they are safely secured in the back seat of your vehicle, so you can focus on driving and know that they’re secure in the case of a serious crash.