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Facial injuries are common among cyclists 

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

With sunshine for large parts of the year, California is an ideal place for cyclists. Some people choose this mode of transport to get to work each day, while others take a more leisurely approach. 

In any event, while cycling is an enjoyable activity and efficient mode of transport, it can be dangerous. Cyclists simply do not have the same level of physical protection that drivers enjoy. 

One area that can be exposed during a collision is the face. Outlined below are some of the more common facial injuries associated with cycling accidents. 

Fractures to the nose 

Fractures to the nose are among the most common facial injuries suffered during bicycle accidents. The bones in the nose are not as strong as other parts of the body, and it doesn’t take much of an impact to fracture them. 

A broken nose can result in severe swelling and pain, and it can also cause breathing difficulties. Depending on the extent of the injuries, the recovery period might be several months. When multiple surgeries are required, this recovery period can be extended. Occasionally, victims suffer permanent damage to their sense of taste and smell. 

Dental injuries 

The teeth and jaw are also vulnerable during a bicycle accident. If a cyclist falls on their facial area, these parts of the body will come under immense pressure. A cyclist’s teeth may break, which will require some intense dental treatment. 

In more severe cases, the jaw can fracture, leading to a long recovery period and problems with breathing, eating and communicating. 

As a cyclist, you should not be placed in unnecessary danger. If the negligent actions of another road user have caused you physical and emotional suffering, you may be eligible for legal compensation. It might be in your best interests to reach out to someone with knowledge in the field of personal injury law