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Stay alert for indicators that a truck accident is imminent

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Unlike collisions between passenger vehicles, truck accidents often result in life-threatening injuries or death. Traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage and disfigurement are common in severe truck crashes.

You may feel secure knowing you can recover money for your harm under California accident compensation laws. Even if you share fault for the crash, you can still obtain partial compensation. 

Wouldn’t you rather bypass the accident?

It is not always possible to avoid car and truck accidents. Mechanical failure, human error and a plethora of other factors that you cannot see or predict contribute to these crashes. Still, if you teach yourself to stay alert, you may observe signs that an accident is about to occur. 

Examples of potentially dangerous trucking scenarios include:

  • Erratic driving. Fishtailing, swerving and lane-drifting can indicate operator loss of control.
  • Vehicle tilting. Cab or trailer tilting, especially in curves, could also mean the driver lost control.
  • Trailer/tractor swinging. Truck trailers and cabs that swing out of position might indicate an imminent jackknife accident.

Two more signs that could mean a truck driver is in danger of losing control include wobbly tires and excessive trailer shaking.

If you are injured, get medical help

The symptoms of many severe and catastrophic injuries can take days or weeks to appear. Before you file your accident claim, obtain a thorough medical assessment. You should also show up for any follow-up tests or appointments ordered by your healthcare providers. Ask for copies of your accident-related medical records and reports to further strengthen your claim.

Improving your knowledge of state accident and injury laws helps to ensure you obtain the compensation you deserve after a wreck does happen.