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How to take photos after an accident: 6 tips

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Evidence is crucial in a car accident claim. You need to prove you were injured, the other driver was at fault and you suffered other damages. Thus, you should be careful about what you do after an accident. If you can, you should take photos of the scene. 

Here are six tips to follow:

1. Confirm it’s safe to do so

After being involved in an accident, confirm that you are safe to get out to take photos. Your injuries or the traffic may not allow you. You don’t want to harm yourself or worsen an injury. You can take pictures from a distance or call a loved one to the scene to do so while you get medical attention.

2. Take photos of your injuries

You should photograph your injuries immediately and in the following days to show how they progress. Besides, some injuries may not appear immediately – you may notice them days later. Ensure you take photos of them.

3. Photograph your vehicle

It will help to take photos of the entire vehicle and closeups of damaged parts. For instance, if your airbag imploded, take photos of it. If your headlights broke, you want to document the damage.

4. Take photos of the other vehicle

Photos of the other driver’s vehicle can also help reconstruct a crash scene, but you want to be respectful of the other driver. Only take these photos if you feel comfortable doing so.

5. Take photos of both cars together

You should have both cars in a single photo, showing their positions. This can help explain how the accident happened. Ideally, you want to get these photos before the vehicles have been moved, but take them even if that’s already happened. 

6. Capture the surroundings

Photos of the surroundings are also vital. For instance, capturing skid marks can explain the other driver was speeding and had to stop suddenly. You should also photograph broken glass and vehicle parts, debris and traffic signs or lights so that they’re presence in relationship to the wreck can be seen.

If you are injured in a car accident, you should consider your options to receive the compensation you deserve.