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Why are modern drivers so distracted?

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Next time you are out on foot, look at the drivers who pass you. There is a good chance that many are busy doing other things while driving. That’s bad news as anyone behind the wheel of a car should be focusing on driving.

The rise in technology has played a big role in distraction. Many people will tell you that they can no longer concentrate on reading a book because they’ve got so used to scrolling through shorter articles on the internet, where your attention is up for grabs.

Car manufacturers have not helped the situation

Think back to the first or oldest car you ever sat in as a child. Its dashboard would have been far simpler than those you get today. There would have been fewer options to adjust heating or cooling or flick through music, and no way to navigate via an electronic screen or phone someone and check emails.

While these features seem convenient, they make driving more dangerous, and crashes are incredibly inconvenient. There is so much inside your car competing for your attention that it becomes harder to focus on the road.

Drivers don’t have to use these features, of course. They don’t have to respond to a call just because someone is calling, they don’t have to check an email just because their screen or watch has pinged to tell them one has arrived, and they don’t need to scroll through endless choices of music to find that one perfect song.

Distracted drivers injure people. If they injure you, you’ve got the right to seek compensation.