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Staying safe when near a drunk driver

On Behalf of | May 7, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

The sad part of being involved in an accident is that you may be cautious, observing traffic laws, but another driver’s negligence can still land you in trouble. Drunk drivers are an example of a negligent party that can injure you on the road. If you spot a drunk driver, it will help to make calculated moves.

Here are three things you can do. 

Increase the safe following distance

If a drunk driver is ahead of you, and you notice this by how they behave, perhaps swerving or accelerating and decelerating suddenly, you should increase the safe following distance. 

If they are ahead, slow down to let them go. If they are behind, you can slightly speed up to increase the distance. This gives you enough time to respond accordingly should they make a mistake that may result in a crash.


When you get a chance to safely pass a drunk driver, it will be best to do so. Ensure you have adequate space to pass because they can switch lanes when you are overtaking. Alcohol impairs judgment – they may miscalculate the position of your car or notice you when it’s late. Thus, only pass when you confirm it’s safe to do so.

Pull over

If you can’t pass and the driver’s erratic behavior worsens, endangering you and other road users, pull over and call the police. You should not interact with them. This can lead to road rage, even when you have the best intention. The police should respond promptly to deal with them.

A drunk driver can hit you, resulting in life-altering consequences. If this is your experience, you should consider your options to receive just compensation to cover all your damages.