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Stay safe this Halloween season

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2023 | Personal Injury

If your manic monsters and ghastly ghouls are ready to release some Halloween energy, opportunities abound in the Bay Area. There are many fun activities in and around Corte Madera for Halloween and Day of the Dead fans of all ages.

But with all these activities, there will be an uptick in pedestrian traffic on the streets. Many will be children clad in costumes and distracted by the many sights and sounds of the scary season. That can be a real problem unless motorists are extra vigilant this time of year.

How parents can keep kids safer

Make sure that your children’s costumes do not impair their mobility in any way. Long dresses can trip up little princesses, causing them to stumble or fall on curbs and steps. Ill-fitting or too-tight costumes can restrict movement, preventing them from being able to quickly move out of harm’s way. Also, choose face paint over plastic masks that make it harder to see out of the eyeholes.

Parents should also accompany their young children as they go house to house trick-or-treating. Older kids may be safe in a group with a parent watching from a distance to make sure no one approaches them will ill intent.

Motorists, beware of trick-or-treaters

Different neighborhoods within the same city often have early or separate times for trick-or-treating, so don’t assume that because it isn’t Oct. 31 that there will be no children traipsing through the streets. Drive safely and slowly if you are out amidst the little goblins and watch out for stray ghosts darting out between parked cars.

If you or your loved ones get injured in a Halloween accident, know that you have the right to seek civil damages from the at-fault, negligent party.