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Why does drunk driving still happen?

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Drunk driving is one of the most foolish decisions someone can make. Not only is driving under the influence (DUI) illegal here in California and every other state in the nation, it’s inherently dangerous.

Roughly 31% of all traffic fatalities in the U.S. involved drunk drivers, and two out of every three people will eventually have their lives damaged in some way by a drunk driver. Drunk drivers put themselves, their passengers and anybody unlucky enough to cross their paths in mortal danger – so why on earth do people keep doing it?

They have no idea how drunk they really are

Alcohol alters people’s perceptions in numerous ways – and that can make someone misjudge how impaired they really are. This may be especially true if they are drinking with friends and they compare themselves to others in the group who are far more inebriated. Essentially, some drunk drivers end up behind the wheel because they don’t really grasp how altered their thinking has become.

They’ve done it before and gotten away with it

Some people just get entrenched in the idea that bad things happen to other people – not them. On average, someone will drive drunk 80 times before they’re finally caught. Every time a habitual drunk driver manages to get home safely without wrecking or getting arrested, it reinforces whatever idea they have that they’re somehow just as good a driver while impaired as they are sober.

Their pride gets in the way of their good sense

Sometimes, people just feel like admitting that they need a ride home from a party or a bar is akin to showing weakness. They may be afraid that their buddies will tease them about not being able to hold their liquor, or they may be worried that their significant other will be angry because they got so drunk that they couldn’t drive home. Rather than face any of that, they may take a chance.

When a drunk driver has injured you or someone you love, you have every right to be angry. You also have the right to demand fair compensation for your losses. Seeking experienced legal guidance can help you to learn more.