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What is “quiet firing” and are you a victim?

On Behalf of | May 7, 2024 | Wrongful Termination

An ideal workplace should make you feel comfortable and welcoming. Unless you have engaged in misconduct, you should not suddenly feel as though your employer is trying to push you away. If your employer is making your workplace toxic, unsustainable and unmanageable, then they may be using “quiet firing” tactics.

Quiet firing is a new name for a very old and common occurrence. The idea behind quiet firing is that an employer or manager will try to make an employee uncomfortable in the hopes that they leave. This may be done to save a business money by not having them pay an employee unemployment or a severance package.

3 signs of quiet firing

Quiet firing may seem like poor management, and it could be. But, some employers purposefully target employees for personal reasons. The following are a few signs that an employer or manager is trying to make you quit:

  1. Your job description has changed: You may have begun your job with certain responsibilities, which has suddenly changed. This could be done to make it seem as if you are unable to do your job.
  2. You are overworked/underworked: You should feel as though you are given just enough work for your job. If you are suddenly feeling like you are being taken advantage of and given too much work or your talents are not being used enough, you could be a target of quiet firing.
  3. Your work is being given to others: For no apparent reason, you may find that your work is being given to other employees. This could be a method to undermine you and make it seem as though you are not necessary.

If you believe you are the target or victim of quiet firing, you can seek legal help to learn about your rights and legal options.